Families and Centers Empowered Together

FACET Coordinator: Ms. Nettie McCray

Program Vision

Our vision is to establish relationships between parents and staff; by empowering the parents to become advocates, assisting them in identifying their family strengths, having them acquire new skills, encouraging the parents to become leaders and expanding their network of support.

Program Description

FACET is a family support program located in child care centers. It is designed to strengthen families through educational activities, fun family events and other support services. It is a program for parents and their children where a parent council selects activities and makes decisions affecting the program.

FACET activities and events include monthly parent council meetings, planning committees, a lending library and parent/child activity nights. We also provide holiday parties, family trips, adults only trips, workshops and counseling/referral services. We are funded by the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families, Division of Families, and Office of Prevention and Early Intervention.